The best battle Royale games for Chromebook

Battle Royale games are considered as the coolest trend which has revolutionized the world of online gaming all over the world. Whether its PUBG or Fortnite, every game mode has gained a lot of popularity over the large-scale online survival gaming. Chromebook has turned out to be an excellent platform for perfect entertainment over games and sports. The list of Chromebook games has grown larger because of the increasing support for Android applications and Linux software. Not only this, many companies are imitating the tradition of gaming by offering a unique spin on the genre making it ft for Chromebook gaming.

In this article, we will discuss about some of the amazing battle royale games for Chromebook and how is it changing the world of online gaming.

Battle Royale Games for Chromebook

Battlefield game is simply a collection of the large number of armed players who eliminate others and win by reaching the safest area. Given below are some of the interesting series of battlefield games that can add glitters to the working of Chromebook:

Apex Legends: It is a Respawn Entertainment establishment which was launched in February 2014. Apex Legends has around more than 25 million registered players because of its unique character classes with special abilities. Moreover, each character in this game gets special abilities which keep on adding as you move forward to the next level. For instance, healing abilities, passive speed, tactful fighting and many more. This game is free for computers and enables excellent first-person battle royale experience.

Fortnite Battle Royale: Fortnite is the upcoming sensational game covering more than 126 million players including a plethora of famous celebrities, artists, musicians and tech gamers. This highly revolutionized version of play can have up to 100 players at a time who can play in solo, duet or a squad and all you need to do is to eliminate the other players while staying in the safe zone. Launched by Epic Games, this battle royale game for Chromebook has numerous weapons and visual resources to protect yourself and fight back easily within the game.

H1Z1: This last match standing death series can add up to 150 players at a time to be the final one remaining. It was created by Daybreak Game Company with a mission to provide an exclusive alternative for Fortnite and to enhance the base of digital gaming over Chromebook. It also provides a unique crafting system for reconstruction of the found items during the game session. Moreover, it enables Comfort Zone mode for safe game strategy.

Realm Royale: It is an amazing shooting game which has interesting cartoony appearance and graphics just like Fortnite. This squad game of three players needs to fight with 100 players of their same abilities. The main aim is to win or either you would turn into a big fat chicken. You just have to pick any of the five classes comprising of mage, warrior, engineer, hunter, and assassin. Initiated by Hi-Rez Studios, this games just require you to gain a greater number of abilities and weapons and protect yourself till the end. 

The Darwin Project: This multi-functional survival series game is legendary as it has a beautiful landscape along with snow-filled The Canadian Rockies. All you have to do is to survive in the nights of the snowy mountain forests with nine other players and find food and shelter for yourself. The most exciting part is the Show Director which telecasts all the game online to let people choose among their best player to vote for.

Last Man Standing: Just like Fortnite, this shooting game is also an interesting battle royale game for Chromebook that involves real-time graphics depicting multi visionary shots. All you need to do is fight until you die and be the last man standing on the battlefield. Not only this, you can easily play this game in four player squad or solo against 100 other players. There is a total of 30 main weapons armed gear for security. Also, you will gain additional incentive rewards for finding gun skin, clothing, taunt emotes and many more. Free Reign Entertainment has also added a new option of Proving Grounds mode to help the newbies to practice and have a short training session before playing into the actual battlefield.

Cuisine Royale: Darkflow Software has come up with an amazing game wherein a total of 30 players start in their underwear and keeps on shrinking in size as they reach the battlefield. The best two players face off each other. All the kitchenware is used as the armed weapon gear. Also, you might need to indulge in looting to gather a greater the number of gold and reach the end.

Unturned: Unturned is regarded as one of the most horrifying series of zombie horror battle royale game for Chromebook. Designed by Smartly Dressed Games, this game adopts the policy of survival of the fittest and the smartest as you might have to survive from a zombie apocalypse. The blood spatters represent the progress you have made so far. Also, make sure that you build enough buildings and dwellings for your stay and also find plenty of food and necessities to fulfill your requirement.

Arcane Legends: This game offers an excellent gaming experience over the Chromebook because of its cute characters, magic mania and a little bit of slashing. It is free of cost although it involves some in-built application purchases which are optional. This game is basically for tech gamers who can play with full commitment and focus to overcome the difficult hurdles in the game.

Pandemic 2: This game is a perfect combination of horror, adventure, and thriller. All you have to do is to choose your favorite disease and destroy the whole mankind to overcome your Monday morning boredom. It has simple and convenient features like maps and menus to track down the infected nations. This battle royale game for Chromebook is an excellent match for tactical tech gaming players.

Best Video Editing Software for Chromebook

With Chromebooks getting so advanced by the day, you can carry out professional video editing on them with just a few clicks. Many applications and websites are offering software that you can use to edit your work in high quality. They offer many options and features that help you bring out your creative side to the fullest. Here, we have compiled a list of best video editing software for Chromebook.

video editor for chromebook

Stupeflix Video Maker

Stupeflix is a brilliant platform for people who are serious about honing their videography and video editing skills.


Users will be able to create high-quality content using this software.

Video Editing Options:

The platform is very well equipped. It has great tools, for example, one adjusts the audio’s speed so that it matches the video.

Ease of use:

You cannot work with files larger than 40 MB – you have to pay to do so.

Video Grabber

You can use Video Grabber to create some really visually appealing videos.


Video Grabber is quite easy to use. You will get a hang of how to use it well soon enough. This software offers three prominent options to the user, which are Download, Record, and Convert.

Video editing options

You can find all the options for editing your video in the Convert section. You can perform basic functions like trimming, cropping, flipping, etc. Apart from that, you can also add various effects to the video, add your own watermark, and you around with how fast the video plays.

Ease of use

This software will be extremely helpful for a Chromebook user. You can edit videos that belong to any format with no hassle. Even almost all audio formats are supported by this software. If you are just beginning and learning how to edit videos, this software is a pretty decent place to start your journey from.


This app is used to carry out professional editing tasks and is easily one of the best video editing software for Chromebook.


This platform will allow editors to modify and change their videos right from the frame level in simple steps.

Video editing options

You can edit your videos frame by frame. You can adjust their saturation levels, trim them, add audio, and place 3D transitions as well.

Ease of use

You can work on it extensively even without a subscription, but if you get one, you can remove the watermark placed on your videos. You can use the KineMaster Access Store too.


This app is truly an easy platform to work on.


Its interface is fairly uncomplicated and for amateurs.

Video editing options

You can make a lot of edits by yourself, and make the use of the Magisto AI to help you out too.

Ease of use

Magisto is best for people looking to do one slight editing and posting the result on social media.


From themes to free clips, this app for Chromebooks has a lot to offer.


The platform has three views, Timeline Simple, Timeline Advanced, and Storyboard. All three are simple and very good to work with. You can upload however big or small a file size you want to upload.

Video editing options

It helps you make edits and such to your videos. You can also use your previous videos and use content from them too.

Ease of use

The platform is quite easy to use. It is really user-friendly, although the lack of an option to drag and drop your file/s can get a bit frustrating.


Amateur video editors can begin the art of editing with Kapwing.


This software works in a way that each option gets opened in another separate window. So you can work on one task at a time.

Video editing options

Apart from the few basic options, you can add subtitles to a video, experiment with various filters, and reverse it for different effects as well.

Ease of use

This software can seem a bit complicated at first, due to how it opens in a different window each time. But it allows you to be quite innovative with what you are doing.


Kizoa is comprehensive and very user-friendly, that is why it is one of the best video editing software for Chromebook.


Kizoa is known to be a user-centred platform. The interface is simple and engaging. You will be making brilliant edits to your videos in no time at all.

Video editing options

Kizoa has a huge extent of options that you can explore and develop in order to make your videos exciting, and fun to edit and watch as well. There are features that allow you to add text and animation, use effects, transitions, etc.

Ease of use

If you only wish to do some of the editings totally by yourself, you can take the help of the many templates available on there to save time and effort along the way.

YouTube Video Editor

The video-sharing giant’s own editing platform leaves a lot to be desired. Although, its new versions have been increasingly promising and there has been a huge improvement.


The software is not that hard. You can say that the creators keep making improvements that reflect the needs of today’s video editors.

Video editing options

YouTube Video Editor allows you to blur faces, rearrange the order of the clips, add a plethora of text or background audio, etc.

Ease of use

A major complaint that users have with it is that you are required to upload your video to YouTube before you can start editing.

Some Final Words

Chromebooks are quite easy to work on for editing. So, from professionals to amateurs, if you own one, do not let lack of apps stop you from creating one masterpiece after another. From this compilation of the best video editing software for Chromebook, try them all out over a period of time, and decide which software suits you the best.

Audacity for Chromebook & It’s Alternatives

Audacity for chromebook is considered as one of the most popular audio recording software in the multimedia industry. This software is well known among the video recorders as well as audio designers because of its affordability and mass reach for all the users.

As we all know that most of the audio editing software is quite expensive and they only come up with a 10 to 14 days free subscription but this is not the case with Audacity.

Every feature available on Audacity including the plugins and download programs are free of cost. Not only this, Audacity runs over most of the operating system whether it is Linux based device, Windows operating system or Mac OS device.

The process of installing and downloading Audacity is quite simple but the sad part is Audacity does not work for the Chrome-based devices such as Chromebook and many more.
In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why Audacity for Chromebook is unavailable and what are the alternatives that can be obtained from the digital market.

Why Audacity for Chromebook is Unavailable

Basically, there are two main reasons for why Audacity is not suitable for the Chrome based devices. Although it is a great application but it does not operate on the Chrome operating system.

audacity for chromebook
  1. Chromebook has very small memory and storage space: Audacity is an amazing application-based audio recording software which requires much larger space in terms of memory and installation of high-quality data content. In case, Audacity is installed in a small disc device then there is a little possibility that it will function accurately without causing any discomfort in its functioning.

Moreover, Audacity for Chromebook is not a good idea for a highly professional videographer as this software requires easy portability with the WxWidgets. It creates a pathway for all the designers and developers to establish qualified applications and run it over different platforms. Thus, Audacity needs to have portability of some of your libraries with the built-in application.

  • Chrome based devices are designed for the cloud-based applications: Audacity is an affordable standalone application that can not be easily accessed over the web browsers. Whereas, Chromebook is especially designed to meet the tailor-made requirements of the users so that they could use the cloud-based applications and have full access to the remote web programs. Therefore, Audacity for Chromebook is like joining two extreme functionalities together just to solve the purpose of Audio recording more effectively which is wrong.

Audacity is an open source software program that is accessible to all and can be downloaded and installed into your computer system without the use of internet connection in it.

Also check: How to Get Photoshop for Chromebook

There are many possibilities to make the two of them work together but it would cost a number of complicated series of processes and programs. Merely the highly qualified professional programming experts would be able to work Audacity for Chromebook. So, does it conclude that we have no other substitute for Audacity for Chromebook or we can use some sophisticated alternatives. Well of course we can.

Audacity for Chromebook Alternatives

There are a plethora of alternatives available online that not only provides a smart way for editing and recording of audio files but can also be accessed free of cost. Now, let’s have a lo at some of the most affordable audio editing tools that can easily be downloaded over the internet on the Chrome OS device:

  1. Audio Converter: Audio Converter is an easy to use online platform that is free of cost and performs the function of a converter. The main purpose of this application is to convert the audio files into different formats depending upon the preferences of the user. Not only this, it is also very helpful in the extraction of a video or audio file using advanced features and customization settings.
  2. Audiotool: Audiotool is an amazing publishing platform that helps all the videographers and musicians around the world to share their works with others. It is a cloud-based application that functions as a medium for showcasing their original music online. Moreover, you can also add sound effects and synthesizers in order to create a special sound to the music. There is no restriction on the use of this application and you are free t create your own music in whichever direction you want it to be.
  3. TwistedWave: It is regarded as one of the highly preferred alternatives to Audacity for audio recording purposes. The interesting part about it is that it can also be used online through a web browser. The process of using TwistedWave is quite simple, you just need to import some audio file from your PC to the TwistedWave and edit it in your own creative way using the formatting effects, audio specials etc. and then save the file and export it using any of the suitable audio formats.

Steps to Find Audio Recording Alternatives Online

Given below are some of the essential steps for installing audio editing tools using an online connection over a Chrome OS device:

  1. Open Chrome Web Store.
  2. Now go to the search box and type the name of the audio application which you wish to search for. A list containing all the associated names will appear on the screen.
  3. Then, select the application which you want to choose and click on Add to Chrome.
  4. You will see that a dialog box will appear. Just open Add Extension and the icon will move to the right side of your search bar.
  5. When the installation will be done, you can click on the extension and see where the application is being imported on your device. This extension will redirect you to the address bar where you can start your work in the application.
  6. That’s it. You may initiate with your audio recording and music creation.

Final Words:

Although Audacity for Chromebook is not possible right now, still software designers are working on creating a greater number of substitutes and alternatives for the users in order to avoid inconvenience.

How to get Netflix app for Chromebook

Netflix is considered as one of the top-rated online streaming services that allow its users to watch unlimited movies and web series on any of your internet device. Netflix is the new face of emerging entertainment media. This application enables you several options to watch blockbuster movies by filtering your preferences based upon the genres, directors, movie title or actors into the search box. Netflix is an easy to use platform which is available for all the users. Also, they just have to pay a nominal subscription fee to enjoy the streaming service over different platforms such as IOS, Android, Roku, Windows, Fire Stick and many more.

In this article, we will have a brief overview about how to use Netflix App for Chromebook and how convenient you can watch Netflix on the Chromebook using different mediums like Fire Stick, Chrome Browser or android application.

All about Chrome OS:

Chrome OS is a high definition operating system which is exclusively designed by Google in the year 2011. All the web applications are stored in the cloud and its user interface is the Chrome browser. It is most suitable for those users who are spending most of their time over the internet. You can try Google Chrome for a few days and get a closer look at its functioning and alternative features.

Netflix Application For Chromebook

netflix for chromebook

The process of installing Netflix media over the Chromebook is quite simple. You can either download this high definition application from the Google Play Store or you can easily browse it over the Google Chrome. Netflix App for Chromebook is supported by all the regions and enables audios and subtitles in different languages depending upon the needs and preferences of the users. Not only this, it offers resolution up to 1080p on the Chrome browser and 480p on the Netflix application from the Play store.

How to Update Netflix On Google Chromebook

In case your Chromebook is of early generation and does not provide for easy installation of Netflix upon your device, then you need to update your Google Chromebook by following some simple steps which are mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, open the wrench icon on the top of your screen.
  2. Now, go to about Google Chrome.
  3. Then select the option of check the updates.
  4. Choose any of the available update options and simply download it.

After updating your Chromebook, you are free to open the Netflix application and log in to your Netflix account and enjoy the streaming of hundreds of entertainment movies on any of your internet device.

How to use Netflix on Chromebook using Android Application

This method involves watching Netflix TV shows as well as Hollywood movies by downloading its original application from the Google Play Store. Moreover, all of the Chromebook devices have the ability to live to stream the Netflix movies by downloading the Netflix App for Chromebook from the Play Store.

Now let’s have a look at some of the essential steps which are required for enabling the Google Play support and uninterrupted streaming of Netflix shows over the Chromebook.

  1. You need to navigate to your settings and click on about Chrome OS to enable the Google Play Store Support.
  2. Then, select more information and go to the channel settings to change the channel from Beta to Beta Chrome OS which will help you to in the easy installation on the Chromebook.
  3. Now, restart the Chromebook and go to the settings. Agree to all the Google Play Store set up and sign up your credentials. Also, log in your Google account details and your Google Play Sore Support is enabled.
  4. Click on the Google Play Store and go to the search bar. Open Netflix original Application and select install to download the Netflix app for Chromebook on your android device.
  5. For efficient functioning of the Netflix application, you have to create a Netflix the account which requires all of your details like name, email, contact number, payment mechanism and many more.
  6. Then, you need to select the most appropriate subscription package and make the payment for the same. Also, skip this step-in case you have already purchased a package on Netflix.
  7. That’s all. Enjoy streaming your favorite live Netflix episodes without any interruption.
How to use Netflix App for Chromebook using Google Chrome Browser

It is regarded as one of the most compatible means of using Netflix over any kind of Chromebook models as it does not require any kind of Google Play Support enabling and also it is available for a bigger screen revolution which enhances the user visibility and lives streaming experience.

Given below are some of the steps through which you can use Netflix app for Chromebook using he chrome browser.

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser and type Netflix in the search bar.
  2. Now visit the official website of the Netflix and fill in your details in the sign in icon.
  3. Also, click on sign up now and log in all of your credentials to create your Netflix account.
  4. Select a subscription package and make the payment for the same. After making the payment you are free to enjoy all of your favorite Netflix movies live online.

Some Final Words

Thus, the Netflix App for Chromebook is accessible all over the world. Even though some countries might have licensing restrictions in their countries for the usage of Netflix still it is the single most fastest growing live stream platform over the internet. Users are free to use Firestick in case of any interruption. Also, the steps mentioned above provides guidelines for the new users so that they can stream Netflix on Google Chromebook without any hassle. Netflix usage over the Android application enables more flexibility to the users whereas Netflix media on Google Chrome browser provides a better display. Also, you can contact the official website of Netflix in case of any queries or grievances on their part.

Photoshop For Chromebook How to Install

Today we are going to publish How to install Adobe Photoshop on Chromebook? If you want to use Adobe Photoshop on your Chromebook, read today’s article carefully. A photo partnership between Adobe and Google has been created for using Google Drive as a cloud drive. We have got some options for installing Photoshop on your Chromebook. You can not use Photoshop on your Chromebook but in the near future you can install Photoshop on Chromebook.

photoshop for chromebook

Currently, Adobe and Google have announced the streaming version of Photoshop for Chromebooks and Chrome browsers, where there is the scarcity of large software due to this heavy news for Chromebooks. It’s been a thorn in part of an attempt to dominate Microsoft’s Chrome OS and Apple’s laptop market, as it’s always bigger, killer software suites for Macs and Windows. If today’s Photoshop is used in Chromebook, we assure you that the remaining Creative Cloud Suite will follow and then there will be big-ticket programs such as Visual Studio and Triple-A PC games will install in Chromebook.

Can Photoshop Download in Chromebook?

Many people have one question regarding Adobe Photoshop, can adobe Photoshop can be installed on chromebook ? If you have a Play Store app supporting a Chromebook, you can download and use six adobe apps, such as adobe photoshop. We have good news that you would be happy to know that Adobe offers six free Android apps optimized for Chromebooks. which we have listed below.

adobe photoshop mixer

Adobe Lightroom Mobile App

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

adobe comp cc

adobe creative cloud mobile

Adobe said that all the above applications are intended for students, but any Android devices with any Chromebook can download it. You have to sign up for Adobe’s creative cloud service if you want to use apps, but signing up is can access the Google Play Store to Download these Adobe’s application. Photoshop has been released as a standalone product for adobe that needs to be downloaded to Windows, Linux and Mac computers. The Chrome OS does not allow any third-party installation, except that it also does not allow executable files. So you can not install any reliable or unreliable program on the Chromebook.

Chrome OS has been providing good security. If you can not install anything on a laptop, you can not get a virus, it is a double-edged sword. The only way to download and install any “program” is from the Chrome Web Store and Google Play Store. Popular applications that Chromebook users can install can be familiar to you like Skype and Microsoft Word. Some programs have web-based versions so you do not have to install an application, visiting a web page allows you to use the program. Because ChromeWare provides a way to test, Chrome OS can work in a business, lacking the Google Play Store, which can limit its eligibility, because some enterprise applications are available only on Android and therefore there is no Chrome OS option. These apps will not be able to run on the cloud when there is a Play Store in the latest version of the Chamber.

Legacy Windows apps can be streamed on Chromebooks but Blankham Chelkot’s group technology officer Mark Ridley says that Chromebooks offer not a cost-effective way to distribute Windows apps to apps, however, it offers a “jail free out” card, Think they have a video already or have a limited number of legacy apps to give them access Styled need. Computer Weekly, Adobe Photoshop CS6, running on Remote Windows 10 PC, on a 4G mobile data connection by Chrome Rdp on Google Pixelbook, streamed as a test, which found that opening and editing of 185 MBs layered PSD file is completely possible and It is also possible to report video editing.

Streaming Photoshop on Chromebook

Adobe and Google announced a streaming version of photoshop for Chromebook. Many people have a question about what exactly is the streaming version of Photoshop? That’s actually what it looks like. The first is now running a set of servers running Adobe Photoshop. First, you open your Chromebook, install the Project Photoshop streaming app and then connect it to the virtualized Photoshop components. Photoshop installation that you connect will have direct access to your Google Drive through which you can save and load your images.

This really looks like a screen sharing / remote desktop type thing we do not have specific information, your windows are the same thing as running a Photoshop on a PC, and then VNC or any other screen-sharing on your Chromebook to dial on your desktop. You have to use the app. In this case, a remote computer is being set up and managed for you too, and keeping everything in your place on Google Drive is very clean and organized. Because no process happens locally, battery life should not have a big impact, but on the flip side, it also means that GPU acceleration is not available. Indeed, some GPU-based features are not yet available, but we have received news that is coming soon.

According to our report, currently Project Photoshop streaming has done Beta testing among Adobe’s education customers in North America, whose information we have less and more importantly, we do not know anything about image quality, if you do not have anything near real-time on the Internet If you want to hit high-rated 24-bit graphics, it will need a pretty high-bandwidth link. Streaming service is offered free of charge to subscribers during the Creative Cloud Beta Test, which works on both Chrome OS and Chrome for Windows. This is where beta access is coming soon.

This is a great way about the fact that Chromebooks have very bad hardware, and that Chrome OS has a much nano collection of core business, education and enterprise applications, and could be a big win for Google if Photoshop streaming is better on Chromebooks Works and programmers are expanded to other key programs such as ProMeR Pro and InDesign. There will be a lot of developers who can use a Chromebook to dial a Visual Studio example or a steam element.

How to Install Photoshop on Chromebook?

Chromebooks are gaining popularity for a while now. Shortly before, Google announced support for Android apps on Chromebooks, and talked for its mainstream usage. Some Adobe applications such as Photoshop Express, Lightroom for Mobile, Photoshop Mix, Illustrator Draw, Comp CC and Creative Cloud App are now also supported on Chromebooks. Installing Adobe Photoshop is easy on a Chromebook. If you want to run Android apps on a Chromebook, the Chromebook OS version 53 will be required.

As long as you do not update your Chromebook, you will have to follow the steps we have to use Photoshop. This is an inconvenience, but this is the same result that we have to use Photoshop on Chromebook. Here in the below space, we give you some easy steps to install Adobe Photoshop on your Chromebook, follow the below steps.

Steps to Install Adobe Photoshop on Chromebook

1. Firstly, check out your Chrome OS version.

If you have an older version of Chrome os then update it. First of all go to chrome browser ->Menu -> Help (Click on it) -> About Google Chrome -> Update Google Chrome then at last restart your chrome.

2. Now you have to start the play store.

To launch play store, just click on the Play Store icon from the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, if for some reason you do not see the icon on the taskbar, you can also use the launcher. Use the launcher, where you click the rounded icon in the bottom-left corner and then type “play store” in the search bar. Finally, launch the Playstore.

3. Now Search for Adobe Photoshop.

Open the Play store application in which search for Photoshop in its searchbox. Then you get result ane click on the Adobe Photoshop.

4. Install Photoshop on Your Chromebook

Now Click on the Install button to install Adobe Photoshop on your chromebook, it will install in few seconds. now it is ready to launch.

5. Launch Adobe Photoshop Application on Chromebook.

Now click on the open button to open Adobe Photoshop on Chromebook, then it will launch. Finally you got Adobe Photoshop on your Chromebook. Enjoy with Adobe Photoshop on Chromebook. Edit your images with Adobe Photoshop on Chromebook.

I hope you all like our today’s article about How Does Photoshop install on Chromebook.If anyone have any type of query or doubt regarding our article then contact us. If you like our content Photoshop on Chromebook then like it and do comment in mentioned comment box. Thank You for Reading our article carefully. If we get any type of news regarding Install photoshop on chromebook, Definitely we will update our article as soon as possible and deliver the correct information to you. We’ll be back with more updates regarding How to install Adobe Photoshop on Chromebook soon.