Facetime On Chromebook *Solved* Installation Guide

A person who is an active user of Apple would probably a Facetime user as well. Facetime is the topmost video calling app that is available on internet. But it’s reserved for iPhones, iPads, iPods and Mac users only. People that use Android and operating system are deprived of this facility and neither there is a cross-platform between two. So, every user is looking for an alternative to facetime for ChromeBook. 

Features of Facetime App for Chromebook 

The features discussed below make facetime for Chromebook an all-time favorite. 

facetime for chromebooik
  1. So Simple And Easy To Work With:

Do you face problems while you work with the buttons over the other apps as they have too much detail, then you are at the correct place because with facetime app you do not need to worry about the over-particular buttons? It would help you make calls very quickly and also brings no hindrance for a new user.  You just need to click the call button where the user has both options to make a video call or a normal call. Also, it can work on both Mac or iPad not necessary on an iPhone. 

  1. No Cost At All:

So if you are a facetime user you do not have to think about money you spend in each call. Facetime uses internet to make calls, so you do not have to pay any overhead cost, the cost that would be incurred would be only of your mobile data. Moreover if you are using Wi-Fi to make calls then nothing can be a better alternative then Facetime.

  1. Making A Shift:

Like any other camera facetime has two cameras, front, and back, you can easily flip between the two. You just need to use the on-screen button to shift from front camera to back camera or from back camera to front camera.

  1. Updates Are Here:

Apple would never let you down when it comes to updating. There are frequent updates for the facetime app available on Apple APP store. Each time with an update facetime brings a new advancement in video calling.

  1. Hey! An Important Message Is Flashing:

It might have happened with you that at the time of video calls you receive an important message that you have to answer immediately, in such as a case you often cancel the call and then answer the message.

But with facetime you get a new feature where you can easily answer the message while keeping the call at the background, therefore you can talk and work on your messages at the same time. 

  1. The Game Of Audio And Video:

When you use facetime for Chromebook the biggest advantage is that you can easily slip in between the calls, that is you can change your video call to normal call or audio call or you can change your audio call to a video call while you are taking. 

Can you use Facetime on Chromebook?

Although Facetime is designed especially for IOS and Macintosh devices. It is not designed to work on Android and Windows, it works efficiently on iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices. But as you want to use it on Chromebook, there are some legal methods to do so. There is no app that can support facetime for Chromebook but there are other options as good as FaceTime app that might work on Chromebook. Further more official website of this app has released also a statement regarding it. check the following link.

official link

You can make use of Google Hangouts as an alternative for facetime for Chromebook.  You can also make use of Skype on PC for facetime for Chromebook but Google Hangouts is still a better option. Chromebook users may have limited features and are not able to connect with the IOs and Windows but they are chances that it becomes very compatible in future. Also, Facebook video seems to be something with which Chromebook is comfortable therefore can be used for facetime. 

Facetime Chromebook Alternatives

There are various video calling apps that can be used as an alternative to facetime. 

  1. Skype:  It provides video calling and audio calling of HD quality. It comes under the category of instant messaging app and helps to send text messages along with video calling feature. 
  2. Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts allows you to have conference video calls with multiple people. One can send and receive messages and also share photos and files. Google hangouts has been started by Google.
  3. Pickapp: Pickapp would help you to make calls to your chrome friends and you can attend calls while chrome is running. It provides high-security video and audio calling.  
  4. Videomeeeting: you can use it to make Video conference and video calling with Chromebook. You are allowed to do a video call or conference call with maximum eight people without login or download. You just need to name your channel on appear.in. it is a free and open source that can also work on mobile. 
  5. Blitzz: It can prove to be a great alternative for facetime for Chromebook especially when used for official purposes. It is an enterprise field service platform. It is a smart system for collaborative events between field techs.
  6. Mixsil:  To use it for facetime for Chromebook you do not need to make any downloads on Chromebook. On can do individual video calls or group calls on Chromebook with help of Mixsil. 
  7. Safeswiss: It is a great place to ensure hundred percent security with encryption security solution. One can have a group chat over mobile or share documents. It also has a P2P voice function.
  8. Derbutton: It is a great app for ease at appointments. It can schedule your meetings, video calls and payments.
  9. Firertc: With this, you can call on Chromebook for absolutely free. You can make 100 free calls within the United States. 


As we have seen that there are a lot of alternatives to facetime for Chromebook and each to them provides different specific features.  You can choose the one that meets your business requirement. 

The best battle Royale games for Chromebook

Battle Royale games are considered as the coolest trend which has revolutionized the world of online gaming all over the world. Whether its PUBG or Fortnite, every game mode has gained a lot of popularity over the large-scale online survival gaming. Chromebook has turned out to be an excellent platform for perfect entertainment over games and sports. The list of Chromebook games has grown larger because of the increasing support for Android applications and Linux software. Not only this, many companies are imitating the tradition of gaming by offering a unique spin on the genre making it ft for Chromebook gaming.

In this article, we will discuss about some of the amazing battle royale games for Chromebook and how is it changing the world of online gaming.

Battle Royale Games for Chromebook

Battlefield game is simply a collection of the large number of armed players who eliminate others and win by reaching the safest area. Given below are some of the interesting series of battlefield games that can add glitters to the working of Chromebook:

Apex Legends: It is a Respawn Entertainment establishment which was launched in February 2014. Apex Legends has around more than 25 million registered players because of its unique character classes with special abilities. Moreover, each character in this game gets special abilities which keep on adding as you move forward to the next level. For instance, healing abilities, passive speed, tactful fighting and many more. This game is free for computers and enables excellent first-person battle royale experience.

Fortnite Battle Royale: Fortnite is the upcoming sensational game covering more than 126 million players including a plethora of famous celebrities, artists, musicians and tech gamers. This highly revolutionized version of play can have up to 100 players at a time who can play in solo, duet or a squad and all you need to do is to eliminate the other players while staying in the safe zone. Launched by Epic Games, this battle royale game for Chromebook has numerous weapons and visual resources to protect yourself and fight back easily within the game.

H1Z1: This last match standing death series can add up to 150 players at a time to be the final one remaining. It was created by Daybreak Game Company with a mission to provide an exclusive alternative for Fortnite and to enhance the base of digital gaming over Chromebook. It also provides a unique crafting system for reconstruction of the found items during the game session. Moreover, it enables Comfort Zone mode for safe game strategy.

Realm Royale: It is an amazing shooting game which has interesting cartoony appearance and graphics just like Fortnite. This squad game of three players needs to fight with 100 players of their same abilities. The main aim is to win or either you would turn into a big fat chicken. You just have to pick any of the five classes comprising of mage, warrior, engineer, hunter, and assassin. Initiated by Hi-Rez Studios, this games just require you to gain a greater number of abilities and weapons and protect yourself till the end. 

The Darwin Project: This multi-functional survival series game is legendary as it has a beautiful landscape along with snow-filled The Canadian Rockies. All you have to do is to survive in the nights of the snowy mountain forests with nine other players and find food and shelter for yourself. The most exciting part is the Show Director which telecasts all the game online to let people choose among their best player to vote for.

Last Man Standing: Just like Fortnite, this shooting game is also an interesting battle royale game for Chromebook that involves real-time graphics depicting multi visionary shots. All you need to do is fight until you die and be the last man standing on the battlefield. Not only this, you can easily play this game in four player squad or solo against 100 other players. There is a total of 30 main weapons armed gear for security. Also, you will gain additional incentive rewards for finding gun skin, clothing, taunt emotes and many more. Free Reign Entertainment has also added a new option of Proving Grounds mode to help the newbies to practice and have a short training session before playing into the actual battlefield.

Cuisine Royale: Darkflow Software has come up with an amazing game wherein a total of 30 players start in their underwear and keeps on shrinking in size as they reach the battlefield. The best two players face off each other. All the kitchenware is used as the armed weapon gear. Also, you might need to indulge in looting to gather a greater the number of gold and reach the end.

Unturned: Unturned is regarded as one of the most horrifying series of zombie horror battle royale game for Chromebook. Designed by Smartly Dressed Games, this game adopts the policy of survival of the fittest and the smartest as you might have to survive from a zombie apocalypse. The blood spatters represent the progress you have made so far. Also, make sure that you build enough buildings and dwellings for your stay and also find plenty of food and necessities to fulfill your requirement.

Arcane Legends: This game offers an excellent gaming experience over the Chromebook because of its cute characters, magic mania and a little bit of slashing. It is free of cost although it involves some in-built application purchases which are optional. This game is basically for tech gamers who can play with full commitment and focus to overcome the difficult hurdles in the game.

Pandemic 2: This game is a perfect combination of horror, adventure, and thriller. All you have to do is to choose your favorite disease and destroy the whole mankind to overcome your Monday morning boredom. It has simple and convenient features like maps and menus to track down the infected nations. This battle royale game for Chromebook is an excellent match for tactical tech gaming players.

Best Video Editing Software for Chromebook

With Chromebooks getting so advanced by the day, you can carry out professional video editing on them with just a few clicks. Many applications and websites are offering software that you can use to edit your work in high quality. They offer many options and features that help you bring out your creative side to the fullest. Here, we have compiled a list of best video editing software for Chromebook.

video editor for chromebook

Stupeflix Video Maker

Stupeflix is a brilliant platform for people who are serious about honing their videography and video editing skills.


Users will be able to create high-quality content using this software.

Video Editing Options:

The platform is very well equipped. It has great tools, for example, one adjusts the audio’s speed so that it matches the video.

Ease of use:

You cannot work with files larger than 40 MB – you have to pay to do so.

Video Grabber

You can use Video Grabber to create some really visually appealing videos.


Video Grabber is quite easy to use. You will get a hang of how to use it well soon enough. This software offers three prominent options to the user, which are Download, Record, and Convert.

Video editing options

You can find all the options for editing your video in the Convert section. You can perform basic functions like trimming, cropping, flipping, etc. Apart from that, you can also add various effects to the video, add your own watermark, and you around with how fast the video plays.

Ease of use

This software will be extremely helpful for a Chromebook user. You can edit videos that belong to any format with no hassle. Even almost all audio formats are supported by this software. If you are just beginning and learning how to edit videos, this software is a pretty decent place to start your journey from.


This app is used to carry out professional editing tasks and is easily one of the best video editing software for Chromebook.


This platform will allow editors to modify and change their videos right from the frame level in simple steps.

Video editing options

You can edit your videos frame by frame. You can adjust their saturation levels, trim them, add audio, and place 3D transitions as well.

Ease of use

You can work on it extensively even without a subscription, but if you get one, you can remove the watermark placed on your videos. You can use the KineMaster Access Store too.


This app is truly an easy platform to work on.


Its interface is fairly uncomplicated and for amateurs.

Video editing options

You can make a lot of edits by yourself, and make the use of the Magisto AI to help you out too.

Ease of use

Magisto is best for people looking to do one slight editing and posting the result on social media.


From themes to free clips, this app for Chromebooks has a lot to offer.


The platform has three views, Timeline Simple, Timeline Advanced, and Storyboard. All three are simple and very good to work with. You can upload however big or small a file size you want to upload.

Video editing options

It helps you make edits and such to your videos. You can also use your previous videos and use content from them too.

Ease of use

The platform is quite easy to use. It is really user-friendly, although the lack of an option to drag and drop your file/s can get a bit frustrating.


Amateur video editors can begin the art of editing with Kapwing.


This software works in a way that each option gets opened in another separate window. So you can work on one task at a time.

Video editing options

Apart from the few basic options, you can add subtitles to a video, experiment with various filters, and reverse it for different effects as well.

Ease of use

This software can seem a bit complicated at first, due to how it opens in a different window each time. But it allows you to be quite innovative with what you are doing.


Kizoa is comprehensive and very user-friendly, that is why it is one of the best video editing software for Chromebook.


Kizoa is known to be a user-centred platform. The interface is simple and engaging. You will be making brilliant edits to your videos in no time at all.

Video editing options

Kizoa has a huge extent of options that you can explore and develop in order to make your videos exciting, and fun to edit and watch as well. There are features that allow you to add text and animation, use effects, transitions, etc.

Ease of use

If you only wish to do some of the editings totally by yourself, you can take the help of the many templates available on there to save time and effort along the way.

YouTube Video Editor

The video-sharing giant’s own editing platform leaves a lot to be desired. Although, its new versions have been increasingly promising and there has been a huge improvement.


The software is not that hard. You can say that the creators keep making improvements that reflect the needs of today’s video editors.

Video editing options

YouTube Video Editor allows you to blur faces, rearrange the order of the clips, add a plethora of text or background audio, etc.

Ease of use

A major complaint that users have with it is that you are required to upload your video to YouTube before you can start editing.

Some Final Words

Chromebooks are quite easy to work on for editing. So, from professionals to amateurs, if you own one, do not let lack of apps stop you from creating one masterpiece after another. From this compilation of the best video editing software for Chromebook, try them all out over a period of time, and decide which software suits you the best.